The Thrive Approach at Shine

Thrive is a whole setting, dynamic and developmental approach to supporting healthy social and emotional development. Thrive focusses on building positive meaningful relationships as a foundation for life-long learning. It understands that behaviour is a form of communicating something we want or need – when we recognise and meet these needs our children and young people are able to flourish and learn. Staff provide 1-1, small group, or whole group sessions, under the direction of the Licensed Thrive Practitioner, which aim to develop our children and young people’s recognition of emotions and self-regulation skills; build strong relationships; and enable to them to be confident, curious, creative and capable individuals.

  • Benefits children and young people of all ages
  • Creates a secure foundation for life and learning, supports transitions at a time of emotional distress, and eventually moving on to the wider community
  • Helps children and young people to become more emotionally resilient, able to regulate feelings, and better equipped to deal with life’s ups and downs
  • 1-1, small group and whole group activities that help build meaningful relationships, reinforce connections, and support all children and young people to move forward

What do we do?

The Thrive Practitioner assesses children and young people as a whole group and individually using the Thrive Online Tool. The Thrive Online Tool helps to clearly identify the social and emotional needs of our children and young people, and allows us to create a targeted action plan, using appropriate strategies and activities.

These often include:

  • Singing, music and storytelling
  • Sensory and messy play
  • Arts and craft activities
  • Mirror and emotion play
  • Using safe spaces and quiet areas
  • Exploring and experimenting
  • Movement activities

Main Strategies: Thrive’s Vital Relational Functions (VRFs)

Attune: Catch’n’match the feeling

Validate: Stop the behaviour, validate the feeling

Contain: Make the unbearable survivable

Regulate: Meet the intensity, then calm and soothe

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