Our goals


At Shine Nursery, we’re dedicated to offering specialized care and education for children with special needs in Great Yarmouth. Each child we serve is valued, encouraged, and guided towards reaching their full potential in a nurturing and inclusive environment.


We’re currently raising funds with a very important goal in mind: to create an additional purpose-built activity space. This addition will allow us to increase our capacity for students, enabling us to welcome more children into our nurturing environment. We’ll be able to better cater to our children and young people’s unique learning styles and needs, providing individual attention and care.


Additionally, we aim to offer individual “Thrive” sessions tailored to each child. These sessions will focus on personal growth and well-being, helping our children and young people to build confidence, develop social skills, and foster a sense of belonging and achievement.


Contributing to our fundraising efforts will have a significant impact on the lives of these special children. Your support will enable us to create a space where they can learn, play, and grow. Together, we can make a difference, bringing smiles to the faces of these wonderful kids.


Join us in our mission to create a brighter future for the children of Shine Nursery.

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Current Progress

£80,000 - 44%

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