Short Breaks

Short Breaks

What are Short Breaks?

Short break services give disabled children and young people an opportunity to meet new people and enjoy different experiences.   Short breaks come in all shapes and sizes and give disabled children and their families a break from their caring responsibilities.

A short break could last a few hours, a day, evening, overnight or for a weekend. They could take place in or away from the home. They can involve supporting families to take a short break together away from the routine of daily life or can be a break for the child away from the family.


Short breaks could be:

  • Group activities like a youth club or Saturday group for children and young people with disabilities
  • Holiday play schemes

Sports, arts or music activities

One to one support to access any other activities, such as youth clubs, cinema trips or meeting friends for lunch

Short Breaks are available for children and young people with moderate to severe disabilities and additional needs, aged between 3 and 17.

Who pays for Short Breaks?

Shine is a charity who relies on contributions and support from the community. However, this does not cover the cost of activities and trips and in these circumstances providers will ask parents carers for a financial contribution.


There are also a number of community and voluntary sector partners who provide services for disabled children which are not commissioned through Norfolk County Council.  If you require information on these services search the Norfolk Directory online.

What does Shine do?

Shine provides play sessions for children and young people who have been awarded a contract to be used at our setting.

There are three services available and once a child has been assessed, firstly by Norfolk County Council and then Shine, they will be given the opportunity to attend the group which best meets their needs.  Some children access all three groups while others access one or two.


The groups available are Friday night youth club, Saturday short breaks and holiday play scheme.  Youth club is for young people aged between 8 and 18, whilst the Saturday and Holiday groups are available for children as young as 4.

Youth Club provides opportunities for its members to develop and build on their social and life skills, promoting group activities, social interaction and independence.


Saturday Short Breaks and Holiday Play-schemes are more focused around having fun, new experiences, building friendships, exploring new activities and so much more.

Quality care for your child

The safety and wellbeing of all of the children and young people in our care is paramount. We work closely with our families and other professionals to ensure high quality care and provision. 


Each child is assessed before joining the groups which enables us to produce an individual support plan, if required, including their medical needs, learning needs and their likes and dislikes.  


Shine’s staff are all highly trained and given regular updates to help us provide quality, safe care and meet the needs of all the children and young people in attendance.


There are three ways for your child to access our services:

• Privately funded

  • • Through allocation of Short Break Funding and an Individual Budget
  •  You will need to make an initial enquiry at which point we will be able to provide you with an update on our current services and           availability. We will complete an enquiry form.


Enrolment is not guaranteed for everyone that applies to attend our Short Break Services. A place becoming available depends on different factors (listed below). We offer a waiting list based on:

  • • The specific needs of your child
  • • Existing families and all their children
  • • Date application received

 In order to be able to access our services we will need to complete our own assessment to ensure we can meet your child’s needs as our service may not be suitable for everybody. 

Our Short Break Offer

Youth Club 8-18 Year Olds

A Friday evening club, term time only, available for young people with disabilities, 8 – 18 year of age, throughout the year. 

Sessions run from 6pm to 8.30pm.  

Saturday Short Breaks 5-18 year olds

A play scheme for children/young people with disabilities on Saturdays, term time only, throughout the year. For 4-18 year olds.

This scheme runs 10.00am-3.00pm.

Holiday Play-schemes 8-18 year olds

A play scheme for children/young people with disabilities, school holidays throughout the year (Shine is not open for the Christmas period).

For 4-18 year olds. This scheme runs 10.00am-3.00pm.

How to book.

Shine will provide a booking form, which is sent out yearly to all its members.  You will be asked to book a year in advance. Shine will then send a confirmation of dates.


It is not always possible to offer all of the dates requested, if any of the sessions are fully booked your child’s name will be placed on a waiting list in case of cancellation, alternative dates will also be offered to ensure that you will receive a full service.

You can call Shine to check if there are any remaining spaces or cancellations on the day for any of the three services.

Fee and Charges

The person or organisation that manages payment of sessions will be invoiced. Invoices will be sent out monthly in arrears. Charges have been worked out considering the cost of providing the service to your child. They will be regularly reviewed.


Can join in group sessions and requires little support

Full day (5 Hours) £120

Morning Only £60

Youth Club (2.5 Hours) £60


Requires support for part of the activity time. The staff member supporting this person will also be expected to support others regarded as having a medium level of support need. This may be for support with eating, drinking, using the toilet, taking medication, or managing occasional behaviours.

Full day (5 Hours) £125

Morning Only £62.50

Youth Club (2.5 Hours) £62.50


Requires 1:1 support. This may be for support with majority of activity, eating, drinking, using the toilet, keeping safe, taking medication, or managing behaviours as well as requiring 2:1 support at times. This is usually related to hoisting care and supporting behaviours.

Full day (5 Hours) £185

Morning Only £92.50

Youth Club (2.5 Hours) £92.50

High Plus

Requires 2:1 support at all times. This is usually related to exceptional behaviours or severe complex health care needs

Full day (5 Hours) £240

Morning Only £120